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My introduction to roofing came as a kid in upstate New York . My dad owned a roofing company, so I grew up around it.  From ages 16 through 18 I went to work for him during my summers off from school. After high school I moved to Tennessee for college, got married, and went to work for McKee Foods.  I worked full time and studied Business at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga part time, doing odd jobs to fill in financial gaps for a growing family.  In 1998 I decided I could do better roofing a little instead of mowing lawns or selling firewood.  New houses were being built everywhere, so I had some business cards printed up and drove around tacking them up on partially framed houses.  At first I roofed one house a month, mostly working alone.  Sometimes I could get a friend or two to help.  I would roof a house in about a week in between school and my full time job and then rest up for two or three weeks.  Before long it was two houses a month, then three.  I finished school in May of 1998 and roofed every spare minute that summer.  By September I decided to quit McKee and run my roofing business full time.  Pretty soon we branched over into replacing existing roofs and mostly phased out new construction.  We are now in our 24th year and replace between 100 and 150 roofs per year. 

- Jeremy Armao, Owner/Operator


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